Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Bishop's Chair...

Greetings from The Bishop's Chair... My first blog post, so please bare with me as I am working  this first of what I am sure are many blog posts.  Many of you are familiar with  hisdevotedone.blogspot.com .   I am the one she refers to as The Bishop ( B ).  I am so proud of my devoted one,  She is a bit sassy at times and so full of desire to stand as a submissive.  It has been a long road for us as we are roughly 11 hours away from each other, and as many know, that imposes its own rules and limitations.  Distance has required the both of us to be creative in what we are doing as to the imposing of punishments should she choose to disobey any rules.

She knows the rules and they are simple ones, for now.  they are
1.  nothing but panties on when you are in bed to sleep
2.get up on time and make it to work on time
3. only allowed 4 cigarettes per day ( want to help her quit all together...)
4. her pleasure belongs to me, and she can not cum without my permission
5. NO sassing, with the exception of a non disrespectful tone
6. If I give her an assignment or a purpose she must fulfill she has to complete it
See..? nothing so hard or cruel   and to make it better  she has 2 Get out of jail free cards that renew at the beginning of each month.  She can use these cards at any time she has broken a rule at her discretion, but once those two cards are gone, they do not renew until the first of the next month. I am not overbearing or hard on her, I just expect that my rules be followed and obeyed

She is your typical submissive young woman with a bit of a sassy streak to her that occasionally surfaces.  Which I  have come to appreciate these days when her sassiness surfaces.  It keeps things in the reality zone.. not just to be a perfect submissive.  

her response to most everything I say,,,,,
 and yes occasionally she needs a good hearty spanking but, since we are so far apart, we have to be creative like  put her in the corner,, or  subject her to a  chilling  punishment,  (( read her blogs to understand what I mean by that..)) I thought this picture would be a good idea to give you the idea of potentially a chilling punishment...  it just looks cold....

 and remember she is only allowed to sleep in panties every night that rolls over ... extreme exceptions are allowed..... but only by my approval...
We are both still working on keeping the fires burning bright and getting to that point where we will see not just a short term future, but one possibly for the long haul.  I know this  last photo below does not quite fit the scheme of things, but I wanted to see just how many of you were actually paying attention to the photos...   I know it really looks super kinky... but if you look closer.....


  1. My Sir!!!! I'm so excited you started this blog!! And I love this first post. I'm really looking forward to reading your perspective and getting this glimpse inside your head.. Or maybe I should be scared to see inside your head... Lol.

    But seriously, I love what we're building together and I think that you having this place to think and share your side of things is going to be great.


  2. So nice to see a blog from you! I think Bekah is great and I love reading hers, and am excited to read more from you. ;)

    1. Thank you Kenzie, I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a few weeks now and it finally came into being... my devoted one is a most unique lady and it is definitely been an adventure so far, but things are getting better all the time... already plotting out my next post and planning something fun and lite...

      The Bishop ( B )

  3. Welcome to Blogland. There aren't w hole lot of Dominant perspectives out here, so it's always nice to read something from the other side of the power exchange.

    1. thank you for your warm welcome, I look forward to reading your posts as well,, My devoted one, if you have not read her blog posts, is how I got the idea to start a blog from my point of perspective.. so I am looking forward to this blog that has been started, I think my next 2 will touch on how I came to be known as The Bishop, and maybe something fun and light to play around with....