Monday, August 26, 2013

SEDE VACANTE ( the seal, vacant..)

Sede Vacante :
( the seal, vacant...)

Greetings from The Bishop's chair...
ON what appears to be the last entry from the Bishop concerning the relationship of The Bishop, and My devoted one, Bekah Jane.
Things have been good for Bekah and I up to this point. 
The discussions we had this past thursday and friday ( the weekend prior to the weekend ending August)  have brought a conclusion to our relationship.   In her defense, I do understand it has been hard on her not seeing me face to face, person to person since the beginning of our journey, yet, it has been hard on me as well as it has been over 3 months since we first started talking. 
Between times of me not being able to get off of work and my nerves locking me out of going to see her, It has created a rift which has split the relationship in two.  thus the opening picture with the term  Sede Vacante.. or seal, vacant...
(( the coat of arms of the Vatican as this is where the term Sede Vacante is used most frequently)) 
 The term Sede Vacant refers to the times in the Catholic Church when a pontiff  has either died or as here recently with Pope Benedict XVI.. stepping down as reigning pontiff until a new pontiff can be selected by the college of cardinals.   In this case, it refers to the vacant seal of the bishop as the relationship has thusly ended.   So it is with a heavy heart that I write this post and unless by some miracle, things change, this is possibly the last post that I will be writing.
Granted, long distance relationships are more rough and hard than not, and this has been no exception to that truth.  As they also carry their own special sets of rules, and even more so for a Dom/sub relationship.   From this point forward, I do wish Bekah all the best in her life.  As this has saddened my heart as well as hers, I hope she finds peace and can move forward in her life.
I bear her no Ill will and wish her nothing but the best and she will always hold a special place in my heart.    I am not about posting anything to blame  and there will be no cause as far as I am concerned for blame.  That is not what this post is about, simply passing on the truth for those of you who have read and followed both of our posts as time as progressed.  I know that she has posted a blog and I had actually penned this and just kept it as a draft for a few days, unsure if I should post it or not but since she has posted a blog concerning this occurrence in our lives I figured I would post it as well.
 To the rest of you who have shown a genuine interest in our journey, God Bless you all. I pray that your relationships will be warm, fulfilling and continue on well into the future.
As the Bishop, I wanted to include this last picture of a mitre common to the Eastern Orthodox Bishops which I found and thought was simply beautiful.
Until I should decide to take up another blog post, or if things should change between Bekah and Myself, This will more than likely be the last blog post I will write...
As always peace to you all....The Bishop

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dominance, Revealed.....

Dominance, Revealed...


Greetings from the Bishop's Chair,
     I wanted this post to show how I came to be a Dominant and I decided this would show how it all started for me.    One afternoon I was at a local indoor shopping center with a good friend of mine,  I knew she was into kinky stuff but had no clue just HOW KINKY SHE WAS, or to what extent. 
     I heard a girl's voice saying,  " come on boy we are going to be late, come on we need to go ..." and all I could think was who would bring a dog into a mall like this ??  When we turned and looked, we both noticed a couple, both wearing black clothes, and she was leading him with a choker collar and a lead strap attached to it,,, his hands were handcuffed behind his back, and he was being dragged along...                   
( I know this is a woman collared but just couldn't find an appropriate pic of a guy collared...)

( no this sign was not up anywhere at the shopping center but since we were at a shopping center when this occurred I felt it appropriate....)
I happened to make a comment which my lady friend heard me say..." damn if any woman would ever put a collar on me or lead me with a chain like that... I would take that strap and whip her ass with it and put it on her and drag her around "  upon which, she said " lets go get something to eat.." and a few minutes later while sitting there eating she commented, " I knew for a while you had it in you, and knew you would make a fine Dom when the time came... and it is obviously that time"
We talked for a long time, at which I had admitted to her I had always kept it hidden that I kinda knew I was a dominant, but just was afraid to admit it, not really knowing just if it would be accepted in the circles of friends I had. 
I struggled with this idea for a short while during which she worked with me, to see if I really had it in me, and after working her tail over with a cow hide leather belt, and letting the dom in me take ascendency and become the part of me that I had suppressed for so long.
She even introduced me to a very experienced submissive and began to let me lead, guide and teach as well as to be taught the .. ropes ... so to speak and after almost 10 years, I have settled into the master I am today.  There have been a short list of submissives who  have come and gone, and  I am working with and polishing My devoted one to get her where she is the submissive I hope she is, and the submissive I know she wants to be.
When we first met, my devoted one ask me if I was man enough to handle her, and I told her I would take her over my knee and spank it out of her  if needs be..  so when she discovered a Dom not only to train her but to be her Dom,  we both learned of each other quickly and have settled into a relationship that I think will only improve as time goes on.  There is a very special set of rules that follow a long distance relationship, especially one that is a Dom/sub relationship, and we have been navigating those waters  not without a bit of difficulty  but it has been worth it in every aspect.
In all things Human, we strive to find in ourselves that person we all know we are deep within ourselves, be it a submissive or a Dominant, or to be a Vanilla ( as we describe those who do not share our way of life).  If we do not discover who we are or choose to follow that part of us, we can never be truly complete as humans.  In order to live our lives we should strive to be that who and which we know we are.  Had it not been for that conversation that day, I might never have released that which I had kept pent up for so long and in doing so, would have possibly never met Bekah Jane.
I welcome any and all comments, even the anonymous ones.  I will depart from this post, happy that I have described how I discovered and opened up a part of me that I had kept buried for so long, and I firmly encourage anyone and everyone, find your inner self and let it out,,, be the person, be it submissive, Dominant, or vanilla  and explore all this incredible world has to offer... 
Peace to you all until next post.... The Bishop ( B )

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Bishop's Chair IV ....

The Beginning of the Bishop...

 Greetings from the Bishop's Chair.....
 Some of you might be wondering about the beginning of The Bishop.  Your questions are about to be answered.  First and foremost, No, I am not a Bishop to any denomination or branch of a church, yet I do include items pictured here that most people of either the Catholic, Episcopal, or Orthodox faiths would link to that of a bishop, like the photo at the top which was a topper to a Bishop's crozier and the two photos below are bishop's mitres. ( so no one can claim that I am one sided, or not multi cultural ..  damned political correctness,,,   BTW  and FYI     I HATE BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT....))


(( please note these mitres pictured above are actual mitres and decorations can vary greatly))

It came to be that I earned the title of Bishop, from a close friend. since I was very keen and still am on prayer and my faith,  they coined the term which follows me now,  The Bishop, among that circle of friends.  They said I was like a chaplain of sorts to the group so,  the term of The Bishop has stayed with me since then.  Although we have moved on to different areas, we are still very much close friends and communicate every day.

When Bekah Jane, my submissive and author of and I first met, as we were getting to know each other, I shared with her the complete story of how I came to be known as The Bishop, (( For personal reasons I have left out the core of the story... just enough to explain how I earned the title)).  As she began her blog, she decided to refer to me as ( B ) or Bishop in her blog which I thought was very much appropriate.   When I chose to began penning this blog series, I struggled for a bit trying to put a name on the blog, and eventually settled with The Bishop as the blogger heading, also due to the fact that Bekah refers to me in her blog as either B or Bishop, and the following scripts, which are written from the chair I sit in at my computer, thus the greeting..   Greetings from the Bishop's Chair...
Yup, for those of you who have not already figured it out, I am a kindred spirit of the wolf as well.  I have always known I was drawn to the wolf, and it was even explained to me by a Native American Cherokee Indian how the wolf was my spirit guide in this life. So I have come to accept that I am a wolf spirit and being of the nature that I also tend to flock to other wolf spirits.   Much like the above photo says, I am very protective of my friends, family, loved ones, and my submissive as well.
( no not the Native American that I spoke with .. just a photo I  found,, I have always had the greatest respect and admiration for all the Native tribes of North America and it pains my soul to know just how unfairly they have been treated over the course of time )
So now, you know.  Now you have at least an insight into The Bishop's history. 
I will leave you to make your own conclusions and to maybe find your own inner guide
no matter what guide you have or path you choose to take, whether it is a submissive path, a Dominant path, or a path that leads you down as we refer to  as a Vanilla life... 
this post is in no way meant to show disrespect to any one Christian faith or another,  or to the Native American Tribes of North America...  AS I AM BOTH A DEVOUT CHRISTIAN AND A SUPPORTER OF ALL NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES  AGAIN... F Y I... I HATE BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT.... 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Bishop's Chair III...


The true roll of a master or a dominant is to protect, guide, teach, love and discipline,, when necessary
the true roll of a submissive is to serve, honor, love, and submit to her sir or dominant without question for the most part.

Greetings from The Bishop's Chair.....As I have noted in my previous posts my devoted one is my submissive and for the most part a good girl...    Submission should be granted freely of one's own will, not forcefully taken and yet,  if submission is not granted freely from the submissive, is it just play... or full throttle no holds barred submission???   Yes I might be a bit hard on my devoted one here, but it has been on my mind to crack the whip so to speak and this is that proverbial whip being cracked.
She has been occasionally of the mind that she can jump, sass and disobey rules when  they do not make her feel warm and fuzzy..   although most rules are not meant to make one feel warm and fuzzy now are they ?  They are meant to guide and provide boundaries and structure when necessary, and occasionally to protect.
Tonight's latest jump at her sir,,,  among the others have prompted this treatise I offer here tonight.

I mentioned the struggle she was dealing with  in the last post..  and I know she means well, but she lets her will overpower her submissiveness.. and It got her in a bit of trouble tonight,,,   and of course, she did come out of the corner knowing why I sent her there, and very apologetic concerning how she acted.  So , I know that her struggle inside continues,  she fights for and wants to be submissive to me, yet her own will power is struggling to keep her above submission...

but at times....  she becomes...

Fortunately these times of her sass-ness.. are spaced out.. but here lately, when she realized that it was not a game but a call to true submission.. full canvas on the mast sailing into the ocean... that she made the choice herself,  these times of sassiness have become more frequent,, since the rule about getting up early and getting to work on time was installed especially... but we are working on that and she is trying to rein in her sassiness.. and be the submissive woman that she obviously desires so much to be.  I am not saying I want the sassiness to go away.. I am swaying for her to let her submissive side take full ascendency.. and yet, still let her sassy side surface ever so often...

this in no way changes the mood or base of our relationship, if and when she reads this, and it is only a question of when, it is meant to bolster and strengthen her resolve even further than she has done so already.  I will find my way back to the post at some point and already working on the next post which will be light and fun....   peace to you all....

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Bishop's Chair...

Greetings from The Bishop's Chair... My first blog post, so please bare with me as I am working  this first of what I am sure are many blog posts.  Many of you are familiar with .   I am the one she refers to as The Bishop ( B ).  I am so proud of my devoted one,  She is a bit sassy at times and so full of desire to stand as a submissive.  It has been a long road for us as we are roughly 11 hours away from each other, and as many know, that imposes its own rules and limitations.  Distance has required the both of us to be creative in what we are doing as to the imposing of punishments should she choose to disobey any rules.

She knows the rules and they are simple ones, for now.  they are
1.  nothing but panties on when you are in bed to sleep
2.get up on time and make it to work on time
3. only allowed 4 cigarettes per day ( want to help her quit all together...)
4. her pleasure belongs to me, and she can not cum without my permission
5. NO sassing, with the exception of a non disrespectful tone
6. If I give her an assignment or a purpose she must fulfill she has to complete it
See..? nothing so hard or cruel   and to make it better  she has 2 Get out of jail free cards that renew at the beginning of each month.  She can use these cards at any time she has broken a rule at her discretion, but once those two cards are gone, they do not renew until the first of the next month. I am not overbearing or hard on her, I just expect that my rules be followed and obeyed

She is your typical submissive young woman with a bit of a sassy streak to her that occasionally surfaces.  Which I  have come to appreciate these days when her sassiness surfaces.  It keeps things in the reality zone.. not just to be a perfect submissive.  

her response to most everything I say,,,,,
 and yes occasionally she needs a good hearty spanking but, since we are so far apart, we have to be creative like  put her in the corner,, or  subject her to a  chilling  punishment,  (( read her blogs to understand what I mean by that..)) I thought this picture would be a good idea to give you the idea of potentially a chilling punishment...  it just looks cold....

 and remember she is only allowed to sleep in panties every night that rolls over ... extreme exceptions are allowed..... but only by my approval...
We are both still working on keeping the fires burning bright and getting to that point where we will see not just a short term future, but one possibly for the long haul.  I know this  last photo below does not quite fit the scheme of things, but I wanted to see just how many of you were actually paying attention to the photos...   I know it really looks super kinky... but if you look closer.....