Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Bishop's Chair III...


The true roll of a master or a dominant is to protect, guide, teach, love and discipline,, when necessary
the true roll of a submissive is to serve, honor, love, and submit to her sir or dominant without question for the most part.

Greetings from The Bishop's Chair.....As I have noted in my previous posts my devoted one is my submissive and for the most part a good girl...    Submission should be granted freely of one's own will, not forcefully taken and yet,  if submission is not granted freely from the submissive, is it just play... or full throttle no holds barred submission???   Yes I might be a bit hard on my devoted one here, but it has been on my mind to crack the whip so to speak and this is that proverbial whip being cracked.
She has been occasionally of the mind that she can jump, sass and disobey rules when  they do not make her feel warm and fuzzy..   although most rules are not meant to make one feel warm and fuzzy now are they ?  They are meant to guide and provide boundaries and structure when necessary, and occasionally to protect.
Tonight's latest jump at her sir,,,  among the others have prompted this treatise I offer here tonight.

I mentioned the struggle she was dealing with  in the last post..  and I know she means well, but she lets her will overpower her submissiveness.. and It got her in a bit of trouble tonight,,,   and of course, she did come out of the corner knowing why I sent her there, and very apologetic concerning how she acted.  So , I know that her struggle inside continues,  she fights for and wants to be submissive to me, yet her own will power is struggling to keep her above submission...

but at times....  she becomes...

Fortunately these times of her sass-ness.. are spaced out.. but here lately, when she realized that it was not a game but a call to true submission.. full canvas on the mast sailing into the ocean... that she made the choice herself,  these times of sassiness have become more frequent,, since the rule about getting up early and getting to work on time was installed especially... but we are working on that and she is trying to rein in her sassiness.. and be the submissive woman that she obviously desires so much to be.  I am not saying I want the sassiness to go away.. I am swaying for her to let her submissive side take full ascendency.. and yet, still let her sassy side surface ever so often...

this in no way changes the mood or base of our relationship, if and when she reads this, and it is only a question of when, it is meant to bolster and strengthen her resolve even further than she has done so already.  I will find my way back to the post at some point and already working on the next post which will be light and fun....   peace to you all....


  1. Hello B,
    Welcome to Blogland and looking forward to your next post.

    1. thank you for your warm welcome, DelFonte, looking forward to posting more blogs myself.

      The Bishop ( B )

  2. The poster at the top... is that what we're shooting for?? If so, I like it... It's a heck of a mission statement.

    Sir, the struggle with whether or not to submit to you is, I think, over. I've made that decision, that I don't just want to play at it, I want it to be really really real.

    The struggle to behave submissively in each moment will probably never go away completely. But when I snap at you like I did last night, it's not me saying that I don't want to submit to you... It's just...well... I guess it depends on the situation. Last night it was that I got frustrated and worried and jumped down your throat instead of talking to you about it respectfully. I know better, and we already settled that part... but I never questioned whether or not I would submit to you last night... even if I did put up a fuss. I was just having a moment.

    I know the difference between hanging on to my playful feistiness and being disrespectful to you... we can work on getting rid of the bad without ruining my playfulness... *smiling sweetly at you*

    And yes Sir... reading your take on this here does make me want to work harder.


  3. Ahhhh...another Dom finds blogland and decides to share his thoughts and views. Very nice indeed! Welcome my friend! I look forward to reading what you have to say and following the journey the two of you are on. Certainly it's not always an easy journey, but one that can be most satisfying and rewarding and worth all the work and effort.


    1. Thank you for your warm welcome Dauntless, after reading several of my sub's posts...( if you are interested) I decided to begin my own blog and share things from my perspective. even though my devoted one and I are so far apart things are going very well for us. Thank you for your encouragement as well.

      The Bishop ( B )