Monday, August 26, 2013

SEDE VACANTE ( the seal, vacant..)

Sede Vacante :
( the seal, vacant...)

Greetings from The Bishop's chair...
ON what appears to be the last entry from the Bishop concerning the relationship of The Bishop, and My devoted one, Bekah Jane.
Things have been good for Bekah and I up to this point. 
The discussions we had this past thursday and friday ( the weekend prior to the weekend ending August)  have brought a conclusion to our relationship.   In her defense, I do understand it has been hard on her not seeing me face to face, person to person since the beginning of our journey, yet, it has been hard on me as well as it has been over 3 months since we first started talking. 
Between times of me not being able to get off of work and my nerves locking me out of going to see her, It has created a rift which has split the relationship in two.  thus the opening picture with the term  Sede Vacante.. or seal, vacant...
(( the coat of arms of the Vatican as this is where the term Sede Vacante is used most frequently)) 
 The term Sede Vacant refers to the times in the Catholic Church when a pontiff  has either died or as here recently with Pope Benedict XVI.. stepping down as reigning pontiff until a new pontiff can be selected by the college of cardinals.   In this case, it refers to the vacant seal of the bishop as the relationship has thusly ended.   So it is with a heavy heart that I write this post and unless by some miracle, things change, this is possibly the last post that I will be writing.
Granted, long distance relationships are more rough and hard than not, and this has been no exception to that truth.  As they also carry their own special sets of rules, and even more so for a Dom/sub relationship.   From this point forward, I do wish Bekah all the best in her life.  As this has saddened my heart as well as hers, I hope she finds peace and can move forward in her life.
I bear her no Ill will and wish her nothing but the best and she will always hold a special place in my heart.    I am not about posting anything to blame  and there will be no cause as far as I am concerned for blame.  That is not what this post is about, simply passing on the truth for those of you who have read and followed both of our posts as time as progressed.  I know that she has posted a blog and I had actually penned this and just kept it as a draft for a few days, unsure if I should post it or not but since she has posted a blog concerning this occurrence in our lives I figured I would post it as well.
 To the rest of you who have shown a genuine interest in our journey, God Bless you all. I pray that your relationships will be warm, fulfilling and continue on well into the future.
As the Bishop, I wanted to include this last picture of a mitre common to the Eastern Orthodox Bishops which I found and thought was simply beautiful.
Until I should decide to take up another blog post, or if things should change between Bekah and Myself, This will more than likely be the last blog post I will write...
As always peace to you all....The Bishop


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about this. I know it's hard for you both and long distance certainly can be difficult. I wish you both the very best. I hope you'll decide to not let this be the end of Bishop, or at least the Dom you are, and you will continue your journey and learning about this lifestyle. We all have stumbling blocks in life, and I hope you don't throw who you are aside because of this. Be well my friend!


    1. The end of the bishop ? NEVER SIR... I will continue on in my journey of life. I may take a short break from blog land, as I regain myself. If I do decide to continue blogging it will be posts concerning different aspects. We never know what lies before us in this world we live in. My passion for life will continue full throttle, The Bishop will continue to exist. Thank you for your concern for the both of us. Take care of yourself my friend..

      The Bishop ( B )

  2. :( Im sorry to read this. Im a hopeless romantic so im hoping things will work out for you two when the time is right.

    1. Thank you for your concern for the both of us Kenzie, I really do care for Bekah, just the way things happened, it didn't work out. I suppose long distance relationships are harder when they are of the Dom/sub relationships. Perhaps, if it is meant to be it will work out in the future. again thank you for your concern for us. take care of yourself.

      The Bishop ( B )