Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dominance, Revealed.....

Dominance, Revealed...


Greetings from the Bishop's Chair,
     I wanted this post to show how I came to be a Dominant and I decided this would show how it all started for me.    One afternoon I was at a local indoor shopping center with a good friend of mine,  I knew she was into kinky stuff but had no clue just HOW KINKY SHE WAS, or to what extent. 
     I heard a girl's voice saying,  " come on boy we are going to be late, come on we need to go ..." and all I could think was who would bring a dog into a mall like this ??  When we turned and looked, we both noticed a couple, both wearing black clothes, and she was leading him with a choker collar and a lead strap attached to it,,, his hands were handcuffed behind his back, and he was being dragged along...                   
( I know this is a woman collared but just couldn't find an appropriate pic of a guy collared...)

( no this sign was not up anywhere at the shopping center but since we were at a shopping center when this occurred I felt it appropriate....)
I happened to make a comment which my lady friend heard me say..." damn if any woman would ever put a collar on me or lead me with a chain like that... I would take that strap and whip her ass with it and put it on her and drag her around "  upon which, she said " lets go get something to eat.." and a few minutes later while sitting there eating she commented, " I knew for a while you had it in you, and knew you would make a fine Dom when the time came... and it is obviously that time"
We talked for a long time, at which I had admitted to her I had always kept it hidden that I kinda knew I was a dominant, but just was afraid to admit it, not really knowing just if it would be accepted in the circles of friends I had. 
I struggled with this idea for a short while during which she worked with me, to see if I really had it in me, and after working her tail over with a cow hide leather belt, and letting the dom in me take ascendency and become the part of me that I had suppressed for so long.
She even introduced me to a very experienced submissive and began to let me lead, guide and teach as well as to be taught the .. ropes ... so to speak and after almost 10 years, I have settled into the master I am today.  There have been a short list of submissives who  have come and gone, and  I am working with and polishing My devoted one to get her where she is the submissive I hope she is, and the submissive I know she wants to be.
When we first met, my devoted one ask me if I was man enough to handle her, and I told her I would take her over my knee and spank it out of her  if needs be..  so when she discovered a Dom not only to train her but to be her Dom,  we both learned of each other quickly and have settled into a relationship that I think will only improve as time goes on.  There is a very special set of rules that follow a long distance relationship, especially one that is a Dom/sub relationship, and we have been navigating those waters  not without a bit of difficulty  but it has been worth it in every aspect.
In all things Human, we strive to find in ourselves that person we all know we are deep within ourselves, be it a submissive or a Dominant, or to be a Vanilla ( as we describe those who do not share our way of life).  If we do not discover who we are or choose to follow that part of us, we can never be truly complete as humans.  In order to live our lives we should strive to be that who and which we know we are.  Had it not been for that conversation that day, I might never have released that which I had kept pent up for so long and in doing so, would have possibly never met Bekah Jane.
I welcome any and all comments, even the anonymous ones.  I will depart from this post, happy that I have described how I discovered and opened up a part of me that I had kept buried for so long, and I firmly encourage anyone and everyone, find your inner self and let it out,,, be the person, be it submissive, Dominant, or vanilla  and explore all this incredible world has to offer... 
Peace to you all until next post.... The Bishop ( B )


  1. Thank you for revealing how you began. it is intriguing how things start for different people. Love the quotes and images, especially the parking notice.

    1. Thank you Del, it was most a most unusual beginning I must say. That couple kinda freaked me out at first, and the poor security guard that was standing there shook his head and just walked away after commenting that after seeing that he needed a cigarette break.... It took me a bit to decide I wanted to start my own blog, and after reading a few of Bekah Jane's posts on the blog she started I decided to share things from my point of view as well. Time has been short for me but I am getting round to reading more of your posts as well. take care for now... The Bishop ( B )