Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Questionaire for Sir....

Greetings from the Bishop's Chair...
I know it has been a few days since I posted and I have been urged by my devoted one to post this questionnaire..  changed a bit so the questions would suit a sir rather than a submissive.  This was posted as questions for a submissive to answer in another Blogger, a submissive Blogger named Kenzie.    It was my submissive's idea to change this questionnaire where the questions would come from a Sir's point of view so here we go...
1.  Was there a certain event in your life that sparked the spanking interest ?
the answer.. for those of you who don't know lies in the post I did .. Dominance revealed.    I basically saw this couple she was leading him with a choker chain and I commented that I would be damned if a woman ever led me around like that.. i would take that chain away from her and whip her ass with it....
?.  What does my submissive call her master ( ME ) ??
 My Sir...
3. What do I call my submissive ?
My devoted one...
4. We are building a big spanker style bon fire... what implement would i let her throw in the fire ??
I would not.. I would let her go break a switch out of a tree only to swat her ass with it once before I allowed to toss it into the fire.
5. We are all familiar with punishments.. spanking, corner time, ice,( read my previous posts to understand that one).  what about rewards, if any would one allow or use as a reward ?
a reward, most times I allow her to cum at night sometimes I listen to her other times I don't, so that is pretty much her reward for being a good girl.. there have been times I have denied that though...
7.  What is something you would like to cross off the bucket list ?? (( ok folks do not be shy come on... you know you have some dark masochistic fantasy or some dark sadistic whipping fantasy you want to reveal.. DONT BE SHY...!!))
 Take her pants down, panties too,, and put her over my knee and whip dat ass the whole way through the pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World.
(( I know its an odd answer but that ride moves slow .. lots of good quality spanking time there...))
8. Someone comes to you and says they just started practicing domestic discipline, what advice to you offer ??
Be creative, let your imagination guide you,  talk to your submissive and learn as you go, find out what makes the both of you tick and do not be afraid to try new things...  ((doms.. let me tell you from personal experience... ICE   yes ICE has many and numerous applications..... for both play time and punishment....))
9.  Where is the craziest place you have ever spanked someone ?
Going down the interstate, cruise control set on 80 at 2 am in the morning...
10. Spanking bucket list having been covered, what about a BDSM bucket list ?  what would you want to do in order to cross that one off ?  (( come on now.. no being shy here....))
I know it is a dark and twisted thought, but the use of ice and a 9 volt battery at the same time as either a punishment or for play time.. (( yeah that little rectangle battery you can hold to your tongue and feel that tingling sensation...  YUP  THAT IS THE ONE...))
11.  Is there a punishment you thought you would never try and yet tried and found effective ?
yup... I at first thought ice was cruel and unusual punishment.. BUT NOW... I KNOW IT IS VERY EFFECTIVE...
12. What is something you wish you had known before you started DD/TTWD ??
just how much more fun and liberating it is than being Vanilla...
13.  If she could take a break from just one rule for a week which one would it be ? 
14.  Might be a no brainer, but if you could only have one sort of spanking in your dynamic, would it be for play or punishment ?
15.  If I messed up, would I ever allow my sub to spank me?  why or why not ?
ooo hard to say on that one,, don't think I would let her spank me.. although if the circumstances were right...
16.  What is my favorite form of aftercare ? 
caressing and snuggling while talking about it all....
17.  How was DD brought up to you or did you bring it up to your partner ??
oddly enough it was a mutual thingy.. she ask if I could handle her and I said I could take her over my knee and whip her ass... and there you have it...
18.  If you were limited to one implement from now on, what would it be ?
so many fun implements out there to choose from..i am leaning towards a wooden kitchen spoon...
(I know its not a spoon...)
19.  Do you have a favorite pair of panties for her to wear when you are spanking her,,, please describe them..?
 Not yet.. but I am sure I will in the very near future..
20.  So, since mind reading has not really been perfected yet, is there anything you want your submissive to know ?? come on   spill the beans.. or coffee .. or  Tennessee Honey  jack daniels over ice... lets have it..??
cant really think of anything that she doesn't know...maybe that she is the first one I have ever used ice on as for both play and punishment... she knows I love a good horror story..  knows that I love the older horror movies,, those guys had to bring real horror to the screen, they could not rely on props ...
((** BONUS --  Just for fun--  is there a picture you have of spanking that is your favorite?? lets see it....

(( par for the course.. I always put a funny or eye popper on the trail of the post and this time is no exception...   actually 2 good ones..))

(( yup even mannequins have to dig em out ever so often.....))
I do welcome all comments even the anonymous ones,, I hope you enjoyed it, and as I have been told, supposedly I am then first SIR to take this little quiz... hope you enjoy and I challenge other sirs to take it as well.  thank you kenzie for the original submissive quiz... 
until my next post, peace to you all, The Bishop ( B )


  1. My Sir... I'm so glad you did this with me!!!

    Your answer to number 4 was exactly what I expected... I can just hear you in my head.. "Oh... you want to burn an implement... mmhhmm... go pick me a switch... we'll make it an implement and then you can burn it... NOW Bekah..." (mean mean man)

    I can't believe you picked the spoon over your belt... and I'm glad you listed cuddling for aftercare too... I can't wait for you to hold me.


    1. ohhh... and somebody has ice on their brain tonight.... *insert eye roll here... *

  2. icy vibrators.. ice cubes... fun fun fun,,,

  3. Reading this has given me a craving for a certain very cold glass dildo :)
    thanks for sharing.

    1. dip it in ice water for about ten minutes or so and get after it....

  4. Okay, you have me totally intrigued with the ice! Hmmmm, do I want to know further details?! Lol

    Thanks so much for doing the survey, loved your answers. :)

    1. talk to bekah about the ice.... she experienced it first hand....

    2. OMGosh... Sir!!! I'm not talking about it... put it on your own blog... :-p