Monday, September 9, 2013

A treatise on Submission, II...

a struggle within

Greetings from the Bishop's chair....
      A submissive  must willingly give herself ( or himself ) freely and willingly to her ( or his ) master, as her ( or his ) master or mistress must accept the submissive freely as well.    If the ideals of trust can not be earned or solid in a relationship  and a submissive is not willing to let oneself go to her sir because she can not trust him fully, then what is the point of submission and dominance ?    
  Forgive the bluntness of this post I am rather upset while I am writing this,,, perhaps I should let sleeping dogs lay until I am calmed down, but when I am frustrated, typing seems to help.   She managed to get herself into a bit of trouble last night and, in so doing revealed something that she had been should I say hiding in a sense ?   What was disguised as an internal struggle to submit fully was revealed as a struggle to trust and so...I was already in a foul mood when she confronted me with this in quite a challenging way.. and it really threw me for a loop, and brought me back to this post, which I had started penning a good while back and decided to finish and post.  
(( as a side note, this was written for the most part in 2 parts last night and earlier today  9/9/13 so this proceeding paragraph was penned last night where the rest was penned today)) 

If a submissive can not find trust of her sir, then what is the point of submission ??

I am not saying I am innocent here, as things have unfolded in an odd way between us, and of course we are still on the slow road of recovery from the split of our relationship.   I do understand that I am her first real true Sir, and have been training her, even when she thought or thinks I am being hard on her or don't call her. there is a purpose to these events. ALSO, DID I MENTION OR HAVE YOU READ THAT WE ARE NEARLY 11 HOURS AWAY FROM EACH OTHER ????   THAT PUTS A SPIN ON THINGS THAT COULD MAKE A TRUE BISHOP CUSS OUT LOUD.

Despite the times of her balking against my rules, or flat out, direct disobedience against what I say, and having to work through the rough spots and still dole out punishments when needed that are meant to get her  attention. As she has learned one of my favorites, ( MOSTLY BECAUSE SHE HATES IT , BUT ALSO BECAUSE SHE HAS ADMITTED IT MAKES HER THINK CLEARLY)  is the corner. Through all the ruckus and rough spots,   I am still proud to call her my devoted one, and will continue to be proud.

Stress and strains of training a submissive can be trouble enough, and long distance puts a special one and a half twist with a pinch of sea salt into the mix that does not normally exist in a Dom and sub relationship.  As to the existence of trust, I understand that comes in time....  At times I wonder why I let myself get into a Dom/sub relationship that is long distance, things are and would be so much easier if we were closer together, but I do not regret the choice I have made and dared to walk in the road less traveled and have met a good woman, and when her head is on straight and she is not in a put up a fight or, only if it makes her feel warm and fuzzy mood about my rules,  and even then she is a good woman as well as a sub-still in training-  that will make a remarkable sub when our journey through the training stages is complete.

(( very soon, I will get to see her ass turn pink then red under my hand...))

 I always try to put a bit of side show humor or something that doesn't quite fit the bill and this post is no exception...  I almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard when it saw it....

In all things human, we must remember that we are human, and even though it is humbling to a master to be told that in truth we  are humans and nothing more, granted more dominant or alpha in nature, we are still all human.  The submissives that serve and love us, are human as well, even more so than most of those who live the vanilla life, because we open up from our own inner depths, revealing ourselves in total - the sub to their master and the master to their sub.

Until my next post,   Peace to you all....
 The Bishop ( B )


  1. Hi B! It's nice to read these kind of thoughts from a Dom's point of view. Like I said in a comment I left on her post, I think the fact that you two are getting through these struggles, and working things out, WHILE being long distance speaks wonders of your relationship. I have a good feeling about you two, and I can't wait for you guys to be able to meet in person. :)

    1. Thank you, kenzie for all your support for the both of us. It takes determination to get through things like this especially on a long distance scale. We are working toward being able to meet in person and it is getting closer.

      The Bishop ( B )