Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Bishop's Chair


Greetings from the Bishop's chair ...  
(Simply love this Orthodox Mitre...)

Yes, i know the chair has been empty for faaar too long, and this latest rant, comes from an unexpected source, but might stir the last blog post the Bishop posts here PERMANENTLY ???

( as you might have guessed by now.... The Bishop not happy, yeah  I probably looked like this when I learned of the incident)

Possibly exploring the means ... anxious yet calm--- then BOOM it hits a double fist pounding  to learn of a 3 some, an oh , what if I told you....    excuse me...?   You did what ...?  and then try to rub it in that she did it  trying to smooth it over as a .. hypothetical ... then it got out of hand   .... ( but if one is possibly wanting to get in the saddle, or in this case a collar... why bring it up at all ? or better yet, why allow oneself to get involved in that to begin with ??) a never expected... things got out of hand... from one I never expected it to come from ... and now  I NEED A VACATION ....A NICE LONG QUIET VACATION AWAY FROM EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING...

(what it might have looked like if she were within striking distance of me... or if she tried to run....)

Do I really want to stay in my realm of a Dom and continue or do I just hang up the cuffs and blindfolds, lock the war chest, break the key and walk away from it all?  

( even though it is summer,  the path to the collar may look like this for a while for those brave enough to try it ....)

Yes, the Seal, Vacant yet again...   indefinitely perhaps? 

in all things human. we must remember  that we are human and as humans we sometimes find that our lives take twists and turns and most times, they are unexpected.  I can not say for now, if this is the end of the Bishop or the path of the Dom for me,   maybe a new beginning to an old road ...   Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... and I, I stood there  wandering which road to take..  the one  well trodden... or the one overgrown ...

Blessings and Peace to you all from the Chair of the Bishop,   as always comments are welcomed... even the anonymous ones...

Until next time...??

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